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professional profiling solution for accurate color


Professional Profiling Solution for Accurate Color
Total Profiling Solution for the Color Control You Need

MonacoPROOF is the choice of digital color professionals for creating high quality ICC profiles for all devices — monitors, scanners and printers. This fully integrated profiling solution has an intuitive, wizard-like interface that quickly and easily steps you through the process of profiling every device in your workflow. MonacoPROOF's powerful features and exceptional profile quality provide a great value for reprographic shops, photographic labs, commercial photographers, print shops and creative professionals.

MonacoPROOF requires an instrument for profiling the monitor and the output device. Select a supported device that best suits your profiling needs.








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How it works:
Reliable color quality requires accurate profiles for all the devices in your workflow:

Step 1: Using a colorimeter or a spectrophotometer, attach the instrument to your monitor, and use the wizard-like interface to create a monitor profile for your CRT or LCD* in less than 5 minutes. Your instrument will optimize the brightness for you!

Step 2: Create a profile for your scanner or digital camera using the appropriate target. Scan, crop the the target, and name! Detailed profile statistics provide information about the profile quality and accuracy.

Step 3: Choose a target patch set and print it using your output device. Measure the patch set with a spectrophotometer. MonacoPROOF creates the profile, and allows you to control the ink limiting and black generation

Step 4: Want to make slight adjustments to the output file? MonacoPROOF provides advanced editing options to adjust the lightness, saturation and output curves.

Step 5: You are now ready to use your profiles in ICC-compliant applications, digital proofing systems and for optimizing your output to photographic and inkjet output devices.

Rotating 3D Gamut Viewer

Gain better understanding of your output devices with the 3D Gamut Viewer. This tool gives you a visual representation of the range of colors your device is capable of producing. Select the appropriate output device for your job ... or make important color editing decisions based on the size and shape of your device's gamut. Mac only.

MonacoPROOF     Professional Profiling Solution for Accurate Color
Features and Benefits:

Output profiling for your RGB and CMYK devices
including photographic and inkjet printers, color copiers, film recorders, proofing systems and presses. Using device profiles, you can simulate final press output using your output device and save time, resources and money.

Ink Limiting Features
allow you to control the maximum amount of black and total ink

Neutralize paper color to remove any effect the paper color tint may have on color reproduction.

Profile editing gives you the ability to fine tune your profiles using luminance, saturation, and output curves. Soft proof and print your edits using any image.

Soft Proofing requires an accurately profiled monitor. Using MonacoPROOF's wizard-like interface, you can create profiles for your monitors, both CRT and LCD*. Achieve maximum dynamic range using the instrument to optimize brightness level.

Profile your scanner and other input devices. Use the reflective (included) or transmissive IT8 target to profile your input devices. The profile statistics feature lets you evaluate the profile's accuracy and quality.

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Macintosh® System Requirements
  • Power Macintosh® or better
  • System 9.1 - 9.x; OS X 10.1.4 or later
  • Any color monitor with a 24-bit display board
  • 52MB application RAM; 100MB free disk space
  • USB port
Windows® System Requirements
  • Pentium® PC or better
  • Windows 98/00/ME/XP
  • Any color monitor with a 24-bit display board (with LUT support)
  • 52MB application RAM; 100MB free disk space
  • USB port

Solve the problem of device drift quickly and easily with our relinearization feature! Instead of recreating your profiles, print out our special patch set and let the software update your profile... all you have to do is take a few quick measurements. Let MonacoPROOF analyze how your printer is performing and actually rebuild your profile!


Profile Editing

Once you've created an ICC profile for your output device, MonacoPROOF will let you edit it using curve adjustments similar to those in Photoshop®. You can feel confident with your edits—the preview window displays the image accurately as you work.



Curve Control

Easily make profile edits using lightness, saturation, and channel output curves.




Device Support for Monitor Profiling
  • MonacoSENSOR™ colorimeter
  • X-Rite® DTP92™ colorimeter (CRT only)
  • GretagMacbeth® Eye-One™ spectrophotometer
  • GretagMacbeth® Spectrolino™ spectrophotometer
Spectrophotometer Support for Output Profiling
  • X-Rite® DTP41™ series
  • X-Rite® Digital Swatchbook™
  • Spectrostar™ Spectrocam™
  • GretagMacbeth® Eye-One™
  • GretagMacbeth® Spectrolino™
  • GretagMacbeth® SpectroScan™ spectrophotometer and x/y table



Target Support for Input Profiling
  • Reflective IT8 Target (included)
  • Kodak®, Fuji®, and Agfa® Reflective IT8 Targets
  • Kodak®, Fuji®, and Agfa® Transparency IT8 Targets


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