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Mutoh IP 220 Pen Plotter A3 Size Desktop Plotter

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Especially for CAD design work for students & freelancers


Name Mutoh A3 size Desktop Pen Plotter Machine # iP-220
Print Mechanism Pen Plotter
Type Flat-bed (equipped with a stand that allows operations at 60 angle)
Accuracy + 0.3% of distance moved
Maximum Plotting Speed 919 mm/sec (diagonal)
Acceleration 0.4G (Diagonal/Axial)
Number of Pens/Type 8; Pen: Disposable & refillable ink, fiber pen; See at Mutoh Plotting Pens. Also cutting stylus
Plotting Area 450 mm x 330 mm
Paper Types Coated Paper, Tracing Paper, Polyester Film, High-Gloss Presentation Paper & OHP Film. See at Pen Plotter Media

Centronics RS-232C

Buffer Size

32 KB

Paper Hold Electrostatic
Repeatibility Same Pen: + 0.1 mm; Different Pen: + 0.3 mm
Resolution Mechanical: 0.0015625 mm/step; Software: 0.025 mm/step
Media Width

A4 to A3 size

Power Requirements

100-120V AC, 220-240V AC (automatic switchover); 50/60Hz

Dimensions/Wt 619.5W x 426.5D x 106.5H (mm)/6.4 kg
Manufactured Japan
Export Price (US$) Price on Application




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