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ProfileMaker 4.1 Pro

Everything you need for creating accurate, reliable ICC-profiles: With a highly intuitive graphic interface and the many advanced features, you can quickly and easily build accurate ICC profiles for all types of devices – including scanners, digital cameras, CRT and flat panel displays, printers and presses – up to 7 channels.

ProfileMaker is a modular software system that works on both Mac (including OS Classic and OS X) and Windows platforms right out of the box. You can start with only the functionality you need now, and upgrade later to a version with more functionality through a license code.

ProfileMaker packages include:

ProfileMaker 4.1 Professional: ProfileMaker, ProfileEditor, ColorPicker and MeasureTool. Multicolor and Digital Camera modules sold separately.
ProfileMaker Monitor: Create ICC profiles for flat panel and CRT displays
ProfileMaker Input: Create ICC profiles for scanners
ProfileMaker Editor: Edit ICC profiles
ProfileMaker Output: Create ICC profiles for RGB and CMYK output devices
ProfileMaker ColorPicker: Conversion of spot colors

ProfileMaker, the main application module, uses reference data and measurement data to calculate ICC profiles for a broad range of input and output devices, including flat panel displays and digital cameras. The on-screen preview of reference and measurement data makes it easy to confirm that you’ve chosen the right data set.

ProfileMaker gives you maximum control over the separation process, allowing you to define settings for the black start point, black width, maximum amount of black ink, total ink coverage, as well as UCR and GCR. To speed the process, recommended settings are provided for common print processes. An automatic black point generation and powerful, unique preserve gray and paper gray functions ensure neutral grays remain neutral, regardless of the paper whiteness or optical brighteners.

Multicolor Module
The multi-color module allows you to create 5-, 6-, and 7-channel ICC printer profiles, including PANTONE Hexachrome®. This module requires separate purchase.

Digital Camera Module
To achieve accurate digital camera profiles, ProfileMaker uses the GretagMacbeth ColorChecker® DC color reference chart to ensure that a broad gamut of colors is represented. This module requires separate purchase.

NEW ProfileMaker Features

ColorPicker uses ICC profiles to ensure the best possible match for PANTONE® and individual special colors for the desired output device.

ColorPicker permits you to define your own color palettes that can be used in popular design applications and saved as named color profiles. Based on a selected profile, ColorPicker provides an accurate display of measured and composed colors, showing you how well colors can be reproduced by the output device. Best absolute color match can be automatically found with “minimize” function. An enhanced “out of gamut” warning reduces margin of error, and a display of color distances ensures accurate color selection.

You can fine-tune colors in the source color space (Gray, RGB, CMYK and multi-color) or device independent LCH space, as well as compare color variations using delta E, delta E94 and delta E CMC calculations.

ColorPicker palettes are exportable to Adobe InDesign®, Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe PageMaker®, Macromedia® FreeHand®. Take advantage of updated coated, uncoated and matte digital PANTONE® libraries.

ProfileEditor helps guide you through the process of editing all types of profiles, including multi-color profiles. You can define profiling workflow with up to 3 profiles – input, output and simulation, and can edit lightness, contrast, saturation, white point, and any point on the gradation curve. Direct editing of gray balance allows you to quickly and easily fine-tune your profile.

To achieve the most accurate proofing simulation, edit white point values using familiar CMYK or RGB values with the Workflow White Point editing feature. Selective color correction allows you to precisely define and edit a specific color or range of colors. Simply define the center point and then individually select upper and lower limits for L, C and h. With our intelligent toolbar, you can switch on and off the edits you would like to see in all possible combinations. To see the effects of the edits you have made, open any image and apply the edited profile – all from within the ProfileEditor application.

You can easily update profiles by measuring of a limited number of patches. This saves time versus remeasuring the entire test chart and making a new profile. You can view and compare the gamut of different profiles in 2 or 3 dimensions – giving you a better sense of the colors each device is capable of imaging.

MeasureTool works with popular measurement devices, including Spectrolino and SpectroScan, Eye-One and iCColor, handling all of the data collection and calculation required for accurate profile computation. By comparing measurement data from different test charts, MeasureTool checks device stability and helps you determine if data averaging is required. Averaging is especially useful when profiling large format devices that typically have large dot sizes. Special test charts for press applications help maximize profile accuracy by compensating for density variations inherent in the press.


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